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MMMCI Permit To Construct

July 26, 2021 admin No Comments

MMMCI Permit To Construct

Upon securing its permit for construction, its grand launching and signing of contract was held in Misibis Bay Resort last aug 17, 2018. Construction was started immediately upon release of building permit in October 2019. Unfortunately, the pandemic which started on February, 2020, slowed down the construction.

The hospital’s founders are composed of the country’s top medical specialists who are dedicated to share their resources, time and expertise towards the advancement of medical services in the Bicol Region and nearby provinces. They are committed to provide modern and state-of-the-art facilities with preventive and clinical services coupled by education and research.


With the inception of MMMCI, its founders are driven by the desire to deliver the kind of personalized care, dignity and respect that Bicolano patients deserve. At MMMCI, each patient is assured of specialized and compassionate care to prolong life and prevent infirmity and its complications.

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